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After tree removal there will will be a stump. In natural areas and erosion-prone areas we encourage clients to leave the stump because the roots hold the earth in place. In conspicuous or landscaped areas we usually grind these stumps because it is the most cost effective means of removal. The stump grinder grinds all woody material including roots to about 4-6” below grade. In some cases such as in site preparation for hardscape or a pool the stump may be pulled with a backhoe at a considerably higher cost.

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Have dead trees? Or, unwanted trees? Our professional arborists cut down and remove trees safely and effectively.

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Trees out of control? Need annual pruning? We adhere to the International Society of Arboriculture's pruning standards.

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Need to remove stumps? Using a stump grinder, we grind woody material, including tree roots, to about 4-6" below grade.

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Trees fallen after a storm? We will safely and efficiently remove fallen trees and tree branches from your home and property.

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