Tree Care

Tree Tips

Fall is a great time to prune your trees. Not only are trees going into their dormant phase but the lack of branches and leaves allows us to see the structure of the tree more clearly. Proper autumn tree care and pruning techniques are essential to the healthy vitality of the tree, so always hire an ISA certified arborist when pruning your trees. During fall pruning pay particular attention to proper branching structure and remove dead, diseased, broken, crossing and crowding limbs. Techniques such as crown raising and crown reduction can improve views and provide clearance for homes, cars and other plants in the landscape. In all seasons, a thin layer of mulch will protect and insulate roots from temperature extremes, mechanical damage and soil compaction. It will also act as fertilizer as it degrades and releases its essential nutrients into the surrounding soil. This is also great time for your ISA certified arborist to perform an inspection of your trees identifying structural defects, cavities and areas to monitor for potential hazards. He or she can help to determine whether to remove a hazardous tree or develop a treatment plan for diseased and stressed trees. Trees are the aesthetic and ecological keystones of the landscape so entrust their health and beauty to the experts. Find an ISA certified arborist at New Leaf Tree Service has an ISA certified arborist on staff to answer any questions concerning the health and proper maintenance of your trees. Remember, it’s fall so it’s time to call.