Tree Services

Tree Pruning to Tree Removal services


Tree Removal:

Trees are crucial to our environment. Without them, life here on earth would cease to exist. Trees serve many important ecological functions such as removing carbon dioxide from the air and turning it into life sustaining oxygen. They provide shade to keep us cool and protected from the sun’s strong rays. They are homes to wildlife and keep the very ground we walk upon in place. Aesthetically, trees are often the focal point of the landscape and add value to our homes. Unfortunately, from time to time it is necessary to remove a tree. At New Leaf Tree Service, we have the most highly trained and qualified staff to guide you along the tree removal process. Our Certified Arborist Jessica Pares is the only commercial arborist trained by the International Society of Arboriculture in the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification program in the Charleston area. She can provide a detailed tree risk assessment for hazardous trees and tree parts and provide a course of action to mitigate that risk if necessary. If removal is recommended, she will also guide you through the complicated red tape of the permitting process based on where you live saving you time and money. Removing a tree without a permit can result in expensive fines and mitigation costs which vary from city to city so make sure you consult with an expert before removing any trees from your property. 


Once the decision is made to remove a tree and the proper permits are pulled our experienced crew will carefully and safely remove your tree taking care to protect your home and property. We strive to return your landscape to pristine condition despite the major destruction that tree removal can cause. We also replant a tree for each live tree that we remove though the National Arborday Foundation. For each removal we donate a dollar to this organization that results in a sapling being planted so there is no net loss of trees for the earth. It’s our way of giving back what we take.


Stump Removal 


After tree removal there will will be a stump. In natural areas and erosion-prone areas we encourage clients to leave the stump because the roots hold the earth in place. In conspicuous or landscaped areas we usually grind these stumps because it is the most cost effective means of removal. The stump grinder grinds all woody material including roots to about 4-6” below grade. In some cases such as in site preparation for hardscape or a pool the stump may be pulled with a backhoe at a considerably higher cost.


Diagnosis and Treatment/Mitigation:


Our ISA Certified arborist Jessica Pares is the only commercial arborist in Charleston with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification issued by the International Society of Arboriculture. She is the local authority on hazardous trees and tree parts and can identify problems that many arborists miss resulting in a safer environment for your home and family and healthier trees for your landscape. Upon request she will provide a complete tree risk evaluation for your trees and options to minimize or mitigate risk. She will identify potentially hazardous structural defects and/or employ procedures such as soil testing and foliar analysis which can assist in prescriptive care for sick or declining trees  or when pests, disease or fungus have invaded a tree. 


Hurricane Preparation:


There are many precautions we can take to minimize risk when a wind event is forecasted. Preparing our landscapes for the wind and rains of a tropical storm or hurricane involves removing dead, damaged or poorly attached branches or palm fronds that could become projectiles in high winds, removing any branches that are less than six feet away from the sides of buildings or ten feet over the roof and thinning out the canopies of important or highly valued trees to reduce wind resistance. Trees with thick canopies can uproot when the leaves act as a “sail” catching the wind and ultimately blowing the tree over. All dead trees should also be removed from the property. If everyone in your neighborhood takes these precautions there will be considerably less damage after a storm. 


Emergency/Storm Cleanup:


After a major wind event, trees may be uprooted and branches and trunks broken. It is important that you hire a company with a highly experienced crew to handle such situations. Twisted and broken trees can shift during cutting and roll over in unpredictable ways. It is very hazardous work and New Leaf Tree Service’s crew has worked many hurricanes including Katrina, Sandy and Charlie. We know how to safely remove fallen trees and tree parts from homes and property safely and efficiently.