Mount Pleasant Tree Service & Removals

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Trees remain most beautiful when they are properly maintained. New Leaf Tree Service, a team of skilled professional ISA Certified Arborists in Mount Pleasant, SC, is the company to call when you need trees cut back, removed, or added to your property. Unlike other companies who do not specialize in tree removal, we know how to do the job safely, correctly, and cost-effectively from start to finish. Let New Leaf Tree Service ensure the health and beauty of your trees with timely trimming and tree removal.

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Tree Removal

Do you have dead or unwanted trees on your property? Let the professional arborists at New Leaf Tree Service remove them safely and effectively. Cutting down and removing trees is our specialty.

Tree Pruning

Trees out of control or need annual pruning? The skills of the well-trained professionals at New Leaf Tree Service adhere to the pruning standards of the International Society of Arboriculture when we do the job for you.

Stump Grinding

Need to remove unsightly stumps? Using a stump grinder, New Leaf Tree Service grinds woody material, including roots, to about 4-6" below grade.

Emergency Removal

Trees fallen after a storm? New Leaf Tree Service will safely and efficiently remove fallen trees and tree branches from your home and property